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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is forex trading?
  2. Can I trade forex?
  3. What is FED?
  4. What is the minimum investment required?
  5. Does FED hold my money?
  6. How do I access my account and my funds?
  7. How does FED make its money?
  8. Are my funds secure?
  9. What are the risks of losing my money?

What is forex trading?
Forex is short for foreign exchange, and foreign exchange trading is the act of buying or selling one currency with another. For Example Sometimes US Dollars are bought with British Pounds, and other times Yen are bought with Euros and so on and the difference between these currency pairs as the market moves determine how much money has been made in that transaction. The forex market is traded on about 5 days a week for 24 hours and the number of trades executed on any given day will completely depend on what is happening in the market.

Can I trade forex?
Yes, you can. There are many brokers that offer almost anyone the ability to trade forex by themselves. It’s important to consider, however, that more than 90% of private forex traders lose their money. Unless you know what you’re doing, forex can be a very great opportunity to lose money. With experience and a disciplined, strategic approach, it is possible to improve your chances for success. With managed forex accounts from FED, you gain access to the potential of forex trading without the near certainty of losing your investment. Like any other reputable money manager, we don’t guarantee our performance. However, our performance speak for it self. click here to see our Stats.

What is FED?
FED is a managed forex account service that provides significant potential for capital appreciation, maximizing the opportunities in the global currency markets. The main aim of FED managed account is to obtain returns in both rising and falling markets, through a conservative risk management approach.
A managed forex account can provide both the performance you seek as a central portfolio position in your investment strategy and the security of a trading strategy - monitored, traded and researched by a professional market practitioner.
Today Forex managed account service is very popular for smart investors all over the world.
You do not need to trade yourself, track the news and digest different sources of financial information. Moreover, you cannot do that properly, if you do not have special education and vast experience. The solution is to hire a professional trader to do this routine (but very important) job for you.

What is the minimum investment required?
Minimum Invested capital is 1$. I made it very low to keep it simple and affordable for everyone. There is no maximum limit.

Does FED hold my money?
No. When you open a managed account with FED, the first stage is you open a personel account under your name in the forex broker we trade with so you open your account directly with the broker. You chose to join our PAMM managed account and you transfer the amount of funds to our managed PAMM account in the broker, and so you allow FED to manage your trading on your behalf.

How do I access my account and my funds?
As a client, you have full access to your trading account online via the brokers website. Your account is in your name only, and only you will have access to your funds. You can make deposits and withdrawals whenever you like, as long as there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the withdrawal and maintain any open trades.

How does FED make its money?
We sell ourselves on our ability to make your money grow. And so we believe it’s only fair that we make our money only when you do. We will be sharing a small percentage of the profit generated from that account and we only start charging you when we make profits for you.

Are my funds secure?
As a money manager, FED doesn’t receive your funds directly. Your funds are deposited with a broker, and then you will give you information on how to join our managed account service . The security of your funds is governed by the financial and regulatory status of the broker. FED only works with reputable, regulated brokers that place the same importance as it does on confidentiality, protection and security.

What are the risks of losing my money?
As with any type of investment, there are always risks. Forex trading presents to educated investors, who are willing to take above-average risk, in an opportunity for making above-average returns. Before deciding to participate in any form of forex trading, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. The important legal side of this is covered in our disclaimer.

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