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Thanksgiving Forex Fund Management Services

Portfolio Model A:


  • Total invested points withdrawal charge 10 % administration Fees
  • Account invested points will consider from every 10th of month
  • Withdrawal will be available every 10th of month

Portfolio Model B(MAM/PAMM):

Portfolio Model C:

Our Services

  • Performance
  • Our Performance is verified by myfxbook.com a third party company, our account is verified and real. We work to maintain a reliable and consistent system, proven to be profitable in the long run with a good return and low DD.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • We follow very strict Money management rules, including lot size calculations, stop losses and risk to reward ratio to protect your capital, there is a 25% limit maximum draw down allowed in our accounts, we aim that because we are confident in our strategy and also to preserve your capital. You are in total control of your capital, you can withdraw funds any time you want.

  • Regulated
  • We trade only with regulated brokers, that way you know that your funds will be secure. FCA UK and EEA Europe

  • Diverse System
  • Our system consists in more than 5 strategies, scalpers,Hedge,Average for trend break out, trend reversal and one for swing trading. All of them proven in live accounts to be profitable over the long run.

  • MAM/PAMM service

  • Real Account and Password for watch real time results

  • Reasons to trust Forex:
    • Generating profits
    • Diversify
    • Absolute control
    • Low initial investment
    • Liquidity
    • Customized Solutions