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It is a fine piece of software and functions like a Swiss watch. But it is not for everyone. The smart trader will immediately see it, inspect it, be convinced by its performance and gladly pay the premium price to reap premium profits. Others, novices, beginners, may not be ready for it. Fine with me. A few intelligent buyers are all I want.

One way to view purchasing the “ FX ROBOT” is as an investment. If you go to university, you pay $50,000 up to $200,000 to secure a job and so many unknown office/work/boss conditions to adjust to. And it takes years to pay off the student loans and maybe the job doesn’t even reward you with a good income after all. So many people have university degrees nowadays in all countries of the world.

People buy many expensive things like video cameras, software, computers, cars, business suits, and spend lots of money for education like language, computer or vocational courses, which all of them cost $5,000 or $10,000 and more to get a dream job or improve their lives, but at the end nothing has really changed. Or even many Forex Traders pay for seminars, trading signals, cheap Robots, they buy lots of Forex Books and other tools which all together are very expensive. Or they play manually and lose $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, even $10,000 or $50,000 and still they haven’t done anything to improve this situations. There are many kinds of software like graphic and web design programs (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite costs about US$ 2,499), translation tools (Trades costs about EUR 2,695), operating systems, etc. and millions of people around the world buy them hoping for a better future or because they just need them for their present job, which gives them no satisfaction at all.

But the “ FX ROBOT” will give you financial freedom and happiness NOW. With its profits, you can do things and buy things you might not otherwise afford. I feel the price is very fair. If you want to buy a cheap poorly programmed Robot being advertised all over the internet for $100-$200, buy it. But I warn you: you will either make an insignificant amount of money or even lose your deposits. With the “FX ROBOT” you can make a lot of money, safely, consistently and begin to live a lifestyle you have long wanted! Simple. I personally spent a lot of time and financial resources to learn how to trade well and to develop this enormously profitable “ FX ROBOT”. If you like quality, a “Rolex” watch, a pearl necklace, a Porsche, the “ FX ROBOT” is for you.


Not only does the price include very sophisticated software with lots of features and options, but additional services I will provide to you after buying it, for instance lifetime support and updates along with an installation manual. You will be entitled to life time license for unlimited Demo or Real accounts and brokers ,  I am constantly improving the Robot to make it more profitable and work better with higher number of brokers even with higher spreads. In cases of major changes you can get those updates and new versions free of charge as soon as they have been implemented and tested (fees for additional codings apply). As you can see the Robot is worth each cent of its price. It’s a high-value custom-made product for those who treasure quality and effectiveness. If you decided to have your funds traded by us, or have questions which brokers to choose, how much to invest, etc., send an email to: info@forexecurrencydeal.com

Price: $1,499

Buy before the end of the month and get $500 discount.

Price after discount: $999